How to register ?

I haven’t received my credentials or I forgot or lost them. I would like to register, what must I do?

On the home page of the website , on the top right there are three links : Français – Login – Register.

There could be two different situations :

a) You did receive your credentials, but you don’t remember them. In that case, click on <Login> then click on <Lost your password?> at the bottom left and follow the simple procedure.

b) If you never received your credentials, click on <Register> and follow the procedure: create a <username> which can be anything, either your email address or any noun as long as it is not yet used in our database and is in one word, second line write in your <email address>  and create your password, which must have at least 8 signs of which at least one capital letter and one digit. Don’t make it too simple, but remember it. On the next line, you have to indicate who you are because, according to your answer, you will have access to more or less content. It is the responsibility of the Webmaster to verify that information before approving you registration. You will receive an email when it is done. In the meantime, you can already check most of the website, which is open to everybody.

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