Jaime Labiano Echeverría, R.I.P.

Father Jesús Zubiría O., Provincial Delegate of the sector of Spain,
informs you of the return to the Lord of Father

Jaime Labiano Echeverría

on Saturday 2nd June 2018 at Viana (Navarra, España)
at the age of 91 years, of which 65 years of missionary life
in Mali, Senegal and Spain.

Let us pray for him and for his loved ones.

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Milestones of Father Jaime Labiano Echeverría’s life

Jaime was born on September 22, 1926 in San Sebastián, Spain, in the diocese of the same name. He entered the spiritual year of the Missionaries of Africa at Maison-Carrée (Algeria) on September 29, 1948. He then continued his theological studies at Thibar (Tunisia) where he pronounced his Missionary Oath on June 27, 1952. He was ordained on 5th April 1953 in Carthage (Tunisia).

18/08/1953 au Noviciat Maison Carrée Algérie
15/12/1957 Barapireli,D.Mopti Mali
01/01/1961 Supérieur Barapireli Mali
21/09/1963 Grande Retraite Villa Cavalletti Italia
28/10/1963 Animation miss. Barcelone España
20/11/1964 Vicaire Bandiagara Mali
26/12/1964 Apprend Langue Falaje Mali
12/07/1965 Vicaire Ségou Mali
01/07/1966 Vicaire Pel,D.Mopti Mali
27/09/1966 Sup.intérimaire Mopti Mali
15/03/1967 Pel,D.Mopti Mali
30/06/1970 Vicaire San Mali
07/04/1974 Supérieur San Mali
01/01/1978 Aumônier CAR Le Koni,D.San Mali
06/07/1980 Session-Retraite Jérusalem Israël/Palestine
01/01/1982 Vicaire Mandiakuy,D.San Mali
08/11/1985 Vicaire Dakar,Baobab Sénégal
01/10/1986 Anim.Missionnaire Bilbao España
02/11/1990 Vicaire Kolokani,D.Bamako Mali
01/10/1992 Curé Falajé,D.Bamako Mali
02/09/1994 Service au CIDAF Madrid,Menorca España
15/06/1995 Nommé en Esp.PE.95/7 España
12/09/2001 Session 70+ Roma, M.G. Italia
01/12/2002 Accueil Madrid,Menorca España
14/02/2014 Résidence H.C. Viana España
02/06/2018 Retour auprès du Père Viana España

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