News from Ethiopia

Dear confreres, Relatives and FriendsGreetings of Joy and Peace from Addis Abeba. I hope you celebrated well Christmas. As for us we will celebrate it on 7th January.I am coming to you this morning with  GOOD NEWS !At last i got news from our confreres in Adigrat  ( Gerry Murphy, Jose Bandres, Belete Fanta, Clayb Caputolan, Olivier Ndayikengurukiye, Sabu Punthepurackal, Paul Reilly and our 5 students). They are all fine.Paul Reilly managed to reach a place where he got the Network and called me to inform me about this.Now Paul Reilly , Belete and the 5 students with some sisters are trying to see how they can come to Kombolcha community. They are 9 people and they started the journey this morning.So we thank God for his protection and we also thank you for your prayers.
PS : Would you help me to transmit this message to those who need this information
Bonaventure BWANAKWERIEPO Delegate superior

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