Ouagadougou Priesthood ordinations 2023

Priesthood ordinations in the Parish of Saint John XXIII

Ouagadougou 2023, Burkina Faso

Four confreres, all four from Burkina Faso, have been ordained priests: Jean-Luc Compaoré, Ephrahim Konkobo, Aimé Ouédraogo, and André Sawadogo. All finished their theological studies in Merrivale, South Africa.

The Province of West Africa (PAO) chose to assemble the four ordinations in the same place, given the socio-political situation in Burkina Faso. Two of the ordinands come from “red zones” where it is difficult, for the moment, to travel and organise such gatherings. The parish of Saint John XXIII in Ouagadougou, for which we are responsible, welcomed and well-organised the celebration.

Cardinal Philippe Ouédraogo, Archbishop of Ouagadougou, presided over the celebration, accompanied by Cardinal Laurent Dabiré, President of the Burkina/Niger Bishops’ Conference and Bishop of Dori, and Monsignor Giorgio Bernardi, Italian Bishop Emeritus who has worked in Dori for many years.

There were also around 70 priests, many religious men and women and a very large number of Christians from the parish of Saint John XXIII.

The Eucharist was very beautiful and prayerful. Considering the current situation in the country, trust, hope and fraternity have been present during the whole celebration.

 Jean-Luc Compaoré, from the parish of Our Lady of the Apostles in Ouagadougou, is going on a mission to Burundi. Ephrahim Konkobo, from the parish of Wakara in the diocese of Dédougou, is going on a mission to Ghana. Aimé Ouédraogo, from the parish of Ziniaré, near Ouagadougou, is going on a mission to Mozambique. André Sawadogo, from the parish of Dori, is going on a mission to Congo DR.

We congratulate them and wish them a fruitful missionary apostolate wherever they are sent. May the spirit of Christ always be their support.

Alain Fontaine.

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