Prevention with the teachers in Goma

« Training session on the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults from sexual violence. Session for teachers in Catholic Schools in the Parish of Our Lady of Africa in Katoy – Goma – DRC»
Today, the 11th February, 2018, at Notre Dame d’Afrique Parish Katoy Goma D.R.Congo, Fr Lowrent Kamwaza, a member of the Society of the Missionaries of Africa and delegate for Child protection and vulnerable adults in the Sector of Goma in DR Congo, together with 5 members of the above mentioned commission, organized a special session for 149 teachers of primary and secondary schools within the parish territory. The session has been described by many of the participants not only as a success but also as an eye opener to many of them towards issues of safeguarding Children and adults with vulnerability. The theme of the session of the day was “Notre engagement pour la protection des enfants et des adultes vulnérables contre les abus sexuels dans nos milieux de travail” (Our commitment to protecting the children and the vulnerable adults against sexual abuse in our work environments). Our objective was to sensitize teachers from our different schools on how to safeguard children and prevent different sexual abuses that take place in schools. The session took place on the 11th February 2018 in the newly renovated “Youth Hall Katoy 2000” of our Parish Notre-Dame d’Afrique at Katoy, Goma, RD Congo, from 8:30am to 16pm. This session was given in partnership with the Clinique Juridique de American Bar Association (ABA) of Goma that sent us two qualified lawyers, one psychologist, and two social agents, and the Diocesan Commission of Justice and Peace (JPCG) of Goma, which sent us also two qualified lawyers and a social worker. Providentially, Fr Bernard Ugeux, M.Afr., who was travelling from Goma to Bukavu accepted to give an input and to share his personal experience in this domain. It touched many participants. The inputs of the ABA  and JPCG members were well presented and appreciated. The time dedicated to group work was even more interesting as it gave participants to actively contribute to the topic of the day. At the end of the session, resolutions were taken to make a follow-up of this formation in different schools by our commission of inquiry.

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