Restructuring the Lavigerie House in Goma

When the renovation of the Lavigerie House in Goma was successfully completed, the Provincial team, with the collaboration of the Goma Sector, decided to proceed with its blessing on 8/2/2018. This date corresponded to the end of the second retreat of the confreres of the Province at Keshero Goma. Not only that, but it was also the day we celebrated Saint BAKHITA Joséphine and the fight against modern slavery in all its ramifications.

The mass was celebrated in the living room of the new house (because the chapel was held for consecration by the Bishop of the Diocese of Goma, at his request). It was presided over by our Provincial Assistant, Father PAM Dennis, concelebrated by the Provincial, Father NGONA Emmanuel, the Delegate of the Provincial of the Goma Sector, Father MINANI Albéric, and almost all the retreatants and confreres from the Goma Sector were present. The mass was well animated by our propedeutes. At the end of Mass, the Provincial spoke to remind us that this “procure” was not a hotel but a community of Missionaries of Africa. Therefore, it is governed by a life of prayer and a community life to which all confreres who go there are obliged to take part. Because “a missionary who does not pray is a monster”. The celebration was crowned by sharing a festive meal !!!

Taken from INFO-PAC nr 75 of March 2018

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