Roman conferences – Vatican relations with African States

Vatican Diplomatic relations with African States

Archbishop Paul Gallagher is currently the Secretary for relations with the States within the Holy See’s Secretariat of State.

Born in Liverpool in 1954, Paul Gallagher is ordained priest in 1977 and soon joins the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy where he obtains a doctorate in Canon Law. From 1984, he begins working in the Holy See’s diplomacy. He will be posted in Tanzania, Uruguay and the Philippines before becoming the Nuncio in Burundi, the Observer in the Council of Europe, the Nuncio in Guatemala and, finally the Nuncio in Australia until Pope Francis appoints him Secretary for relations with the States. From 2015, he is instrumental in promoting dialogue between parties in the Middle East.

Archbishop Gallagher has known a number of confreres, especially in Tanzania where he remembers Atiman House and its residents of the time. 

Archbishop Gallagher was invited to the Generalate to tell us of his experience as secretary for relations with the States, especially with the States of Africa.  In a style very relaxed and friendly, he told us, not without a certain realism on the difficulties, of his optimism for an Africa which is naturally very religious.

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