Stagiaires meeting in Bujumbura

Extracts from the 25th March 2018 report of the meeting by Célestin Sarambe and André Sawadogo, first year stagiaires

standing from left to right : Gérard Niyongabo, Lucien Some, Nazaire Bonkoungou, Allan Kawenda, Francis Umoh, Peter Bwire, Jean-Luc Compaore, Julius Rweyemamu, Célestin Sarambe, Hugo Leinz, Martin Ndiritu, Jean-Bosco – brother of Gérard Niyongabo -, Ludwig Peschen, Emmanuel Kavishe, seated in front : Jean-Bosco Ntihebuwayo, Arsène Somda, Joseph Odhiambo, Isac Kinda, André Sawadogo, Dennis Pam

The meeting of stagiaires from the province of Central Africa (PAC) was held in Bujumbura, Burundi from 19 to 25 March 2018 in the Emmaus Spiritual Center of the Jesuits on Kiriri Hill. This meeting was preceded by a week’s retreat held in Gitega from March 10th to 17th, 2018, at the spiritual center of the Carmelites and preached by Father Gérard NIYONGABO. It saw the participation of 16 stagiaires including 8 in the second year who renewed their declaration of intention on Sunday, March 18 at St. Augustine parish of Buyenzi. This meeting was moderated by the vice-provincial, Father Dennis PAM. After setting up and installing, he gave a general orientation and the steps to follow in the sharings. He mentioned that sharing is about all the aspects of the mission. It is about appreciative discernment in optimism while looking at the good that Christ has done to us in our journey. Father Dennis PAM opened these sharing sessions beginning with himself, where he shared his family life, his curriculum with the missionaries of Africa and his missionary experience since his perpetual oath, but also his joys, perspectives and challenges, which he meets in his mission. It should also be noted that this meeting saw the presence as co-facilitator of Father Bosco, superior of the sector of Burundi who also shared his missionary experiences undermined with joys and difficulties.(…)

In the end, what will be remembered of the stagiaires meeting is that it went well in a fraternal atmosphere. Each stagiaire was able to share his experiences in his community and in his stage environment while mentioning the joys and difficulties encountered. We live all this in love, trusting God who sent us for this mission. This meeting ended with a visit to the New Hope Center and a relaxing outing on the beach. Saturday was dedicated to the discovery of the city and on Sunday, March 25 each one of us returned to his community.

Taken from Info-Pac nr 75 of March 2018

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