The session of transition to the third age (PE nr. 1084)

In the back row: Bernard Ugeux, William Crombie,Ursula Finder, Helga Franke, Jacqueline Picard, Marc De Vos, Riny van Broekhoven, Johan Miltenburg, Olivier Lecestre, In the front row: Denise Lavoie, Maria Theresia Hubert, Rita Toutant, Silvia Palomo, Theresa Chimwemwe, Margaret Derek.

This year, the session of transition to the third age in English took place, once again, in Rome at the generalate of the Missionaries of Africa from the 6th to the 9th of September. 13 Sisters of Our Lady of Africa and 5 Missionaries of Africa: Sisters Margaret Derek, Rita Toutant, Jacqueline Picard, Silvia Palomo, Maria Theresia Hubert, Denise Lavoie, Ursula Finder, Theresa Chimwemwe ; Fathers Riny van Broekhoven, Olivier Lecestre, Johan Miltenburg, William Crombie, Marc De Vos.

The session was led by Father Bernard Ugeux and Sister Helga Franke.
They talked about various interesting themes such as: transition, roots, missionary life, my work, my relations, integration, God in my life, the world today, mission today, community life, the last passage, faithfulness … So many themes to help approach a new stage in missionary life. They all seemed joyful and full of confidence for the future.

Freddy Kyombo, M.Afr.

Helga Franke, msola
Bernard Ugeux, M.Afr.
Mass at the beginning of the session

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