JPIC Way of the Cross – Lent 2020

JPIC Way of the Cross - Lent 2020

This way of the Cross was prepared by Sr Anne McCabe, SM, Sr Juliana Karomba, MSOLA, and Fr Andreas Gépfert, MAFR, for the JPIC commission of USG and UISG in Rome. We want to give special thanks to the Procure of the Mill Hill Missionaries in Rome for granting us permission to use these paintings of the Stations of the Cross for publication. But most of all we like to express our gratitude to the artist, Ms Chessy Roffe-Silvester. Her inspirational translation of the Way of the Cross into the settings of our modern world are not only a welcome invitation for prayer and meditation, but also give a new perspective to this old devotional prayer of the Church, on how to follow Jesus in his passion and death. We are also grateful for all encounter, prayer, reading and exchange which inspired us for the preparation of the stations.

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