Welcome to the brand new International Website of the Missionaries of Africa. It has taken more time than expected. Please excuse me. And yet, you will realize very quickly that it is far from complete. This is obviously not the purpose of a website to be complete because it is at its best when it is dynamic. Yet there is some static information that take a long time to create anew or even to transfer from the old site. Do not worry, the old site will still be reachable for two or three months, although it will progressively become less and less updated.

This new website will continue to grow, ideally with your active participation. Not only with articles from you, but also with pictures or even videos. If you have photos which you think can find their rightful place on one of the pages of this site, do not hesitate to send them to the webmaster. Beware, however, of the copyrights. Only send photos that belong to you or that you are sure are not protected. Please also give a brief description.

There is no more intranet as such on the new site. Yet, there will always be some content that is reserved to specific actors. For now, these actors are “Missionaries of Africa”, “Students MAfr”, “MSOLA”, “Friends of MAfr”. Later on, there may be some other actors, such as “Provincials”, “Formators”, etc. You must therefore register with the login information (credentials) you have received. You can then change your password. Do not choose too simple a password, put at least eight signs, of which one uppercase letter and one digit.

Another important novelty is that the site can now be consulted on a smart phone or a tablet. This means, among other things, that confreres who do not have a reliable internet connection in their parish, for example, can read the Petit Echo online, for example, when they are in a more favorable location.

Do not hesitate to inform me of any error or failure and to suggest any improvement.

Philippe Docq 


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  1. Congratulations on the new-look website. Very impressive and colourful. Best wishes and prayers for the future of this valuable contribution to our online apostolate. Donald MacLeod

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