Where is the Intranet ?

You have been used to have an INTRANET on the website of the Missionaries of Africa. Some of you are wondering today where is the Intranet on the new website.

What is an INTRANET ?

The Intranet is constituted of articles and files that are available to authorised surfers only. In our case, the Intranet was supposed to be available to the Missionaries of Africa who had taken their oath only. There was only one set of credentials to log in. In reality, many people knew of those codes and therefore had an access to our Intranet.

In the old website of the Missionaries of Africa, the Intranet was in the more or less protected repertory “Society”.

What about the new website? Is ther an Intranet?

Well, Yes and No. Yes, in the sense that some information is only available to certain people and not others. No, in the sense that there is no specific place where that information is kept.

It is your registration which makes you to have access to more or less content. For example, a “Missionary of Africa” will have access to everything, if he is logged in, of course. The MAfr students and the White Sisters will have access to almost everything. The friends of the Missionaries of Africa will have access to more content than the people who are not identified.

Complicated ? Not at all! Once you are registered and connected, you don’t have to do anything more. For the webmaster, it is a bit more complicated than that… But then, that is HIS problem !

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