Yvon St-Jean, R.I.P.

Father Gilles Barrette, Provincial of the Americas,
informs you of the return to the Lord of Father

Yvon St-Jean

on Sunday the 15th October 2017 at the Hôtel-Dieu Hospital in Sherbrooke
at the age of 89 years, of which 64 years of missionary life
in Burkina Faso and Canada.

Let us pray for him and for his loved ones.

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Jalons de vie du Père Yvon St-Jean

Yvon was born on the 3rd May 1928 at Montreal, which is the siege of the local Diocese, in Canada. He began his Spiritual Year on the 11th August 1949 at St-Martin (Québec), and then left for Tunisia where he studied theology in Thibar. There, he took his Missionary Oath on the 29th June 1953 before being ordained in Carthage on the 18th April 1954.

28/10/1954 Vicaire Zaba,V.Nouna Haute Volta (Burkina Faso)
01/01/1963 Supérieur Zaba Haute Volta (Burkina Faso)
07/01/1964   Nouna,Paroisse Haute Volta (Burkina Faso)
01/01/1966   Québec Canada
20/09/1969 Grande Retraite Villa Cavalletti Italie
02/12/1969 Vicaire Nouna,Paroisse Haute Volta (Burkina Faso)
01/09/1970 Supérieur Zaba Haute Volta (Burkina Faso)
01/06/1973 Supérieur Nouna,Marka Haute Volta (Burkina Faso)
01/10/1976 Vicaire Solenso Haute Volta (Burkina Faso)
01/01/1980 Conseiller Régional   Haute Volta (Burkina Faso)
27/09/1981 Session-Retraite Jérusalem Israël / Palestine
01/12/1981 Supérieur Solenso Haute Volta (Burkina Faso)
01/07/1982 Régional Bobo-D.,Maison Rég. Burkina Faso
01/07/1985 Régional 2° Mandat Bobo-D.,Maison Rég. Burkina Faso
04/01/1989 Vicaire Zaba,D.Nouna Burkina Faso
01/10/1989 Curé Zaba,D.Nouna Burkina Faso
10/09/1990 Vicaire Bomborokuy,D.Nouna Burkina Faso
15/12/1991 Vicaire Solenso,D.Nouna Burkina Faso
01/09/1992 Vicaire Bomborokuy,D.Nouna Burkina Faso
25/09/1993 Assistant Supérieur Montréal,L’Acadie Canada
01/07/1994 Supérieur-Adjoint Montréal,L’Acadie Canada
01/07/1994 Nommé Can.(P.E.94/8)   Canada
01/01/1995 Animation Miss. Montréal,St-Hubert Canada
15/08/1995 Supérieur-Adjoint Montréal,St-Hubert Canada
01/07/1996 Elu Cons.Prov.>07/97   Canada
01/01/1997 Procureur Adjoint   Canada
02/11/1998 Procureur->31.12.00 Montréal,St-Hubert ANA/Canada
01/11/2003 Résidence   ANA/Canada
01/05/2009 Nommé Résidence Sherbrooke ANA/Canada
15/10/2017 Retour au Père Sherbrooke ANA/Canada

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