A first for PEP

A first for PEP

The treasurers were all looking forward to making the trip to Treviglio for the PEP Financial Council, but the Coronavirus pandemic decided otherwise. Another solution had to be found and the idea of a videoconference was put forward. This is new for a number of us who have already had difficulty going digital. But we took the bull by the horns and our webmaster embarked on an advertising campaign to promote the tools of the perfect Internet user and ease the skeptics’ tension. Each treasurer was contacted by Philippe Docq, assisted by Marcin Zagula, to ensure the reliability of the equipment and to teach how to pull the strings with the help of tutorials.

And that’s it! Everybody was in front of his screen on Thursday April 16th at 10:00am. All of them? Oh no, they weren’t! Missed Great Britain! Nothing to do with Brexit! It was a hardware problem. Two sessions of 2h1/2 each did the trick, and the annual balance sheet is reviewed and approved. The reactions are good. The quality of WIFI in Europe may have something to do with it. The exchanges took place to everyone’s satisfaction. Is there room for improvement? Certainly in the way documents are presented, but the technology still has untapped resources.

Here’s a picture: copyright: Frank Boomers. A Leffe beer for those who identify all the participants.


The ball is rolling and now it is the Provincial Council who will take the technical side of things. Rumour has it that the Society’s Finance Council will follow suit immediately.

Didier Lemaire

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