Mini-lien nr. 462 (in French)

In March we had the French Sector Council in Verlomme, where we could realise the impact that the re-reading of the last chapter had on our communities. In April, we have just participated in the Council of the European Province in Rome. And there, we could see the new face of the Society of the Missionaries of Africa. We suspected this, but there, like the apostles in the days following the resurrection, we were surprised. It was a discovery. …

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Back to the roots (150th anniversary)

Another movie by Manu Quertemont. Going towards the 150th anniversary, this movie is a poetic tribute to Varsenare, a place where many did their noviciate in former times, a place where many are now awaiting the day of the Great Encounter. Varsenare, a community of Faith, Joy and Hope. Thank you Manu.

Some countries have blocked this video on YouTube for a question of copyrights on the music of Toets Thielemans. If it is the case in your country, do request a link from the Webmaster for downloading the movie, indicating clearly who you are (reserved to the MAfr and MSOLA).

Provincial Council of PEP in Rome

From the 24th to the 28th of April 2017, the Provincial Council of Europe met at the General House. Ignatius Anipu, as assistant delegated by the Superior General to liaise with the European Province, took part in the meeting. Also invited to inform the concillors were the General Treasurer, Antony Baaladong, the coordinator for Integrity of the Ministry, Stéphane Joulain, and the coordinator for JPIC and ED, Andreas Göpfert. It was the last council presided over by André-Léon Simonart who was thanked for his dedication to the Province during his mandate as Provincial Superior. Continue reading “Provincial Council of PEP in Rome”


Pecre is a service rendered by the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers) promoting interreligious encounter and dialogue in Europe. On their website, you will find the archives of all their publications. The newsletter is mainly in French.

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PeBeFa nr 22

PeBeFa is a newsletter written in spanish for the family members and friends of the Missionaries of Africa in Spain. The sector of Spain requested that this newsletter be available on the international website.

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Best wishes for Easter (Sector of France)

Easter is a passage from doubt to hope and from death to life. This is what Jesus has shown us… the Way, the Truth, and the Life. As missionaries, we live many passages in our lives, and no matter what our age or condition, we are called to live in hope. For us, as Pope Francis said (homily of 5/04/2017): “Hope is not a concept or a feeling, it is a person, the Christ”. In this Easter season, …

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Mini-Lien of the French Sector nr. 461 – April 2017

Chers Confrères, Si nous jetons un regard sur les premiers mois de l’année, il est incontestable qu’avec Patrick Bataille, nous avons été très occupés. Visites de communautés, et encore pas toutes, visites des communautés pour écouter les confrères, voir les retombées des décisions postcapitulaires et réunir les communautés dans le partage et l’écoute. Disons-le tout de suite ce fut non seulement intéressant mais fraternel. Visites de confrères isolés, en diaspora, et rencontre de leur environnement. Participation à des funérailles dans …

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Flash Swiss Sector (in French)

« Malgré le lourd déclin des vocations, nous gardons l’espoir. Non que les choses redeviennent comme avant. Mais une renaissance est possible en adoptant l’esprit de l’apôtre Paul : se laisser saisir, accrocher par l’Evangile du Christ et prêcher cet évangile sans relâche. A l’issue du dernier Chapitre Général chargé de discerner ce qu’est notre mission aujourd’hui …

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St. Patrick’s Day

We have it from our Irish confreres: the feast of Saint Patrick is not negotiable. It must be celebrated on March 17 of each year. But what do you know about St. Patrick’s Day? These two videos, in the language of Shakespeare of course, were selected to give you an insight into the history of St. Patrick’s Day (4 minutes), and the second a full fletched movie about the Irish legend surrounding the history of St. Patrick (one hour and a half). Happy feastday to our Irish confreres.