Certificate of recognition from Burundi

From Nuntiuncula nr 704

Republic of Burundi Embassy


Burundi recognizes and awards this certificate of recognition and merit to the Congregation of the Missionaries of Africa White Fathers, Belgium for its outstanding achievements in Burundi in addition to evangelization (primary mission) in the fields of:

  1. Primary education
  2. General secondary education, normal secondary education
  3. Vocational training (bricklayers, stone cutters, masons, carpenters, roofers, tile makers, carpenters, garages, bakers, etc.).
  4. Agriculture: popularization of industrial crops (coffee, palm oil) and tropical and European fruits and vegetables
  5. Modern breeding of dairy cows, pigs and chickens, etc.
  6. Processing of agro-pastoral products including pineapples (liqueur
    BURASINE), jams, etc.
  7. Territorial planning, environmental protection, architecture, etc.
  8. Roads (especially those connecting parishes to branch / school chapels)
  9. Energy: Micro-hydroelectric power stations (Mugera, Burasira, etc.)
  10. Cooperatives
  11. History of Burundi, linguistics, sociology / anthropology
  12. Inclusion of Batwa: primary and secondary education, Batwa village
  13. Health: “New Hope Project” at Buyenzi (inclusion / Help for AIDS patients: 1,200 people (distribution of retrovirals and food adapted to their needs, craft activities generating income).

Your presence has contributed to shaping the image of BURUNDI as we know it today. Be an inspiration to other development partners!

(Ambassador of Burundi in Bruxelles)

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