Chapter Communication – 15th June 2022

Chapter Communication - 15 June 2022

The morning of June the 15th  was dedicated to reflection and prayer through an intervention of Fr David Sullivan who asked the capitulants to integrate and appropriate for themselves the vision that emerged from the Chapter. They must live it with conviction and confidence, allow themselves to be transformed by it and pass it on to all the confreres afterwards. Only in this way can they become worthy ambassadors of the Chapter that is about to end.

The ascension and Pentecost offer us a good example of the apostles’ appropriation of the Gospel. Jesus was no longer physically with them. Yet they took the right decisions and initiatives to witness to the Gospel and the love of God. They did not proclaim the Gospel because they were obliged to, but rather because they were convinced of it, because the Gospel was no longer simply Jesus’ Gospel but their own. In addition, they accepted that their lives be shaped by it.

Fr. Sullivan placed great emphasis on the principle of subsidiarity, which consists of sharing authority with those in charge at lower levels, giving them more freedom of action and decision. As a result, decisions are taken more quickly and with more understanding of the situation. This empowerment conveys energy and commitment in the lives of people.

This practice does not take away the responsibility of major superiors. This responsibility consists in inspiring the confreres to commit themselves and to see to the concrete application of the Chapter. The vision that emerges from the Chapter comes from the grassroots through the various pre-capitular assemblies and returns to the grassroots through the post-capitular assemblies. Through prayer, fraternity and dialogue, the Chapter will revive our charism and inspire our missionary commitment to Africa and to the world of today.

The atmosphere was business-like in the afternoon. The capitulants voted on some documents and read others. Finally, there was a discussion about some amendments to the constitutions.

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