Closure of the service of the Antwerp Procure

The Provincial Delegate of the Belgian sector announces the closure of the service of the Antwerp Procure:

During this year, the Sector Council decided to stop the service of the Antwerp Procurement Office. You have read it in Nuntiuncula.

We thank first of all the confreres and their helpers who gave that service to confreres in Africa, dioceses, other congregations and Church staff in Africa. So many people in Africa have benefited from it and will certainly regret that we had to make that decision. We especially thank Toon Van den Avenne and Paul De Schutter … not forgetting Jaak Van Dyck who has just left us this week for the eternal dwelling. I can not mention all the others who have collaborated in this beautiful missionary work. Let them be thanked. Paul De Schutter is now full-time the local econome of the Keizerstraat community.

We have therefore closed the Procure d ‘Antwerp as a service and premises. A few weeks ago I announced these changes to the PEP Provincial and to the Provincial Delegates of the 9 other countries in Europe. This time I announce it to all the confreres from Belgium and / or appointed in Belgium. I also announce to the Provincials of Africa that they should communicate the news to those who used the Procure of Antwerp for their procurements.

Luc Putzeys 
Provincial Delegate Belgium 

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