Combattre l’abus sexuel des enfants (PE nr 1090 – 2018/04)

Stéphane Joulain, Combattre l’abus sexuel des enfants, Qui abuse ? Pourquoi ? Comment soigner?, Desclée de Brouwer, 2018, ISBN : 978-2-220-09204-1, 294 pages, 19 €

The scandal of child sexual abuse is well out into the open nowadays. Knowing that the risk of abuse exists everywhere, particularly in the family environment, the stakes are very high. If the consequences of child abuse are now well known and understood thanks to studies in victimology, it is not the same concerning the authors of sexual abuse, at least in France. This is the aim of this work. It allows us to understand the thought process of the authors of sexual abuse be they priests, teachers, or fathers of families. Equally it apprises us of the effective therapies available, particularly in English speaking countries. Neither does it forget to pay attention to the spiritual dimension of the lives of the authors of these acts, whether they are members of religious congregations or laypeople.

From the back cover.

This book like other books written by this confrere can be ordered from the Generalate.

In this year when we celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the foundation of the Lavigerie family, it will be good to reread books written on Cardinal Lavigerie and his writings.

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