Editor’s Word (PE nr. 1081)

Media – Social Networking is one of the themes of the 28th General Chapter. It is the subject of this issue of the Petit Echo (N° 5). Actually, our reflection is concerned with the role that the media and social networks can and should play in our evangelising activities. As Missionaries of Africa, no matter where we are, we are “apostles.” This being so, how can we live this fundamental aspect of our missionary life, even in our daily communications with others?

Certainly, we are not thinking of inciting people to “proselytise” in all directions in all our communications, even those of a social character. But knowing that social networks have become a place of excessive permissiveness that risks dehumanizing those who indulge in it without any discernment, how, then, can I put my stamp on it given that I am an apostle? How can we transmit Gospel values in our communications even outside the institutional framework of our official apostolate! We are apostles 24/7! The Chapter of 2016 made concrete proposals on the subject of the media; maybe it is just the moment to have a closer look at them.

Freddy Kyombo, M.Afr.

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