Editor’s word (PE nr. 1087 – 2018/01)

A New Year begins and we hope it will be a better one. The year is new but the mission continues and it is addressed to today’s men and women no matter what their situation or language is. It is an on-going challenge that requires planned renewal and constant monitoring.

In order to face this challenge, the Society of the Missionaries of Africa is preparing young people in different Formation Centres to be missionaries who are witnesses to the love of God for their own generation, sharing their preoccupations and their hopes. This is not something new, because since the foundation of our Society, our concern has always been to train missionaries who lived close to the people to which they were sent with the Good News of salvation. Each era had its own requirements and this determined the type of apostle we trained in order to respond in the best possible way to the
real needs of the people at any particular time. Without imitating the ways of the world, the missionary, enthused by the spirit of the Gospel is called to be relevant to people by the witness of his life in the world. The Formators will tell us more about this.

Happy New Year !

Freddy Kyombo, M.Afr.

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