Editor’s Word (PE nr 1091 – 2018/05)

“The accompaniment of young confreres” is the subject of this present issue. The Editorial board is interested in the welcome they receive in the communities to where they are appointed. The experiences of the first years of ministry for these young confreres are crucial. It is one of the factors which can stimulate, discourage or turn off a young apostle.

The young confrere is not “a blank sheet of paper.” The Lord has already done some work on him; in his home environment , during his school days, the years of his missionary formation and also by other experiences of life. In welcoming him, we enter into the dynamic of “giving and receiving.” “Every man is a sacred story, man is in the image of God.”

If it happens that a young confrere needs particular attention concerning his life, his health or in his apostolate, then it is up to the members of his community who should be close to him to direct him in the right direction so that he can obtain help.

The Chapter gave us to understand that taking care of our young confreres is the best way to assure the future of our little Society

Freddy Kyombo

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