Joris Vankrunkelsven, R.I.P.

Father Luc Putzeys, Provincial Delegate of the sector of Belgium,
informs you of the return to the Lord of Father

Joris Vankrunkelsven

on Wednesday 8th May 2019 at St. Augustin Clinic Antwerpen (Belgium)
at the age of 91 years, of which 67 years of missionary life
in Congo and Belgium.

Let us pray for him and for his loved ones.

Download here the announcement of Fr. Joris Vankrunkelsven’s death

Milestones in Father Joris’ life

Joris was born on the 19th of June 1927 in Antwerpen, in the diocese of the same name, in Belgium. He was accepted into the Noviciate of the White Fathers on the 21st of September 1949in Varsenare, then continued his theological training in Heverlee where he took his Missionary Oath on the 29th of September 1951 and was ordained to the priesthood on the 12th of April 1952.


01/09/1952 Etudes Pédagogie Louvain Belgique
28/04/1955 Vicaire Mwanda-Katana Congo
19/07/1955 Vicaire Burhale Congo
06/08/1957 Vicaire Kabare Congo
01/07/1959 Directeur Ecole Normale Kabare Congo
25/01/1961 Professeur au Petit Séminaire Mugeri Congo
13/01/1962 Grande Retraite Villa Cavaletti Italie
01/07/1962 Vicaire Ciherano Congo
01/01/1963 Repos Cibimbi,Bukavu Congo
15/02/1963 Vicaire Ciherano Congo
30/08/1963 Supérieur Ciherano Congo
20/09/1964 Sup.Aumônier, Professeur Fomulac Congo
10/09/1967 Etud.Libr.-Réb.Congo Heverlee Belgique
01/09/1968 Chargé d’équipe Louvain Belgique
01/11/1971 Antwerpen 2 Belgique
01/12/1971 Heusy,Verviers Belgique
01/04/1972 Bruxelles,Linthout Belgique
01/05/1973 Heuzy-Verviers Belgique
01/10/1973 Retraites + Vicaire Dominical Bruxelles,Lincoln Belgique
01/09/1974 Idem / Comm.PB chez SJ Heverlee Belgique
01/04/1975 Vicaire Eterbeek Belgique
01/08/1982 Comité Instituts Missionnaires Auderghem Belgique
01/08/1983 Communauté se déplace à Bruxelles,Milcamps Belgique
28/09/1986 Session-Retraite Jérusalem Israël / Palestine
25/03/1987 Accueil Jérusalem,Ste Anne Israël / Palestine
26/12/1991 Retour définitif Province Belgique
22/01/1992 Repos à la cure de Stabroek Belgique
20/12/1992 Résidence Varsenare Belgique
01/08/1993 Résidence Antwerpen, Procure Belgique
01/11/2004 Ministère Varsenare Belgique
01/07/2006 Résidence Antwerpen, Keizerstr. Belgique
30/01/2009 Résidence Antwerpen,St-Jozef Belgique
08/05/2019 Retour auprès du Père Antwerpen Belgique

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