PEP/Fra – Sector France: News from Marseille Community

From the Mini-Lien of the France Sector, here is a look back at the month of May experienced by our confreres in Marseille.

Community of Marseille:

After the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Church of Our Lady of the Limits and the 150th anniversary of our Missionary Institutes “White Fathers” and “White Sisters”, May was a special month. Henri Blanchard joined the community of Sainte Foy-lès-Lyon on April 29th and Moses, having completed his internship (stage), went on a family vacation in Uganda on May 4th. He will continue his training in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire).

Michel was called to meet the young confreres in Tunis and left on May 3rd. And the day before his return to Marseille, he learned of the death of his paternal uncle, whom he considers to be his father. It was this uncle who took responsibility for the family after his father’s death. This uncle, a Muslim, encouraged Michel to follow his path towards the priesthood and mission. Michel therefore left directly from Tunis on May 11th for Ouagadougou, from where he joined his family in mourning. Raphaël participated in the Sector Council from May 7th to 10th. Steve, the new confrere, acclimatized to Marseille. Very handyman, he takes care of the garden and storage in the workshop and store. He strives to improve his French, especially for reading. On Sunday, May 26th, he presided at the Eucharistic celebration and preached.

Meeting place of the group "imamsprêtres" (encounter and sharing between Imams and Priests) of Marseille where Raphaël goes. Here he is with Gérard Chabanon, Michel Girard and Jean Chaptal.

The month of June will be for Raphael the month of farewells in the parish, in the associations and services of the diocese in which he was involved. At the beginning of July, he will join Fribourg, Switzerland, for a ministry at the service of the confreres. But he will also be able to commit himself once again to the service of Islamic-Christian dialogue.

Guy Vuillemin

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