Some articles are in French

Some of you are wondering why on earth are some articles appearing in French while they have chosen English as their language of choice!

Idealy, all the articles should appear in the two languages of the Society. And, true enough, all the official articles are in both languages. However, some articles are only written in one of the two languages of the Society. For example the French mini-lien, which is the link of the French sector, is only written in French, while de Newsletter of Uganda is only written in English.

The Society of the Missionaries of Africa has two official languages et quite a lot confreres have a good enough knowledge of the two languages. And so, when the Webmaster publishes news that only exist in one of the two languages, he publishes them on the two lingustic parts of the website, because he knows that they will be undesrtood by many confreres.

If you have never been exposed to the other language of the Society, You might feel somewhat frustrated when you see all of a sudden an article appearing in French. But there is no reason really to get frustrated for that. Just go to the next article or… you might see it as an opportunity to start learning the other language. It is never too late!

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