Sergio Albiero, R.I.P.

Father Gaetano Cazzola, Provincial Delegate of the sector of Italy,
informs you of the return to the Lord of Father

Sergio Albiero

on Tuesday the 12th December 2017 at Castelfranco (Italy)
at the age of 76 years, of which 49 years of missionary life
in Zaïre (DRC) and in Italy.

Let us pray for him and for his loved ones.


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Milestones of Fr. Sergio Albiero’s life

Sergio was born on the 17th April 1941 at Cornedo, in the Diocese of Vicenza (Italia). He entered the Spiritual Year in Gap (France) on the 12th September 1963. He then continued his theological studies and took his Missionary Oath on the 27th June 1968 at Le Puy (France) before being ordianed to the priesthood in his home parish of Cornedo on the 28th June 1969.

30/06/1969 Nommé:PE:69/7 Italia
01/10/1969 Professeur Treviglio Italia
01/07/1974 Nommé:PE.74/7 Zaïre Ituri
01/01/1975 Apprend langue Logo Mahagi,Nioka Zaïre
01/08/1975 Vicaire Nyarambe Zaïre
12/07/1977 Vicaire Nyarambe Zaïre
17/01/1979 Vicaire Luma Zaïre
30/10/1980 Vicaire Nyarambe Zaïre
24/06/1981 Nommé: PE.81/8 Italia
01/07/1982 Anim.Miss. Castelfranco Italia
10/09/1983 Anim.Miss. Treviso Italia
01/11/1984 Supérieur Milano Italia
01/09/1988 Résidence Treviglio 2 Italia
01/04/1989 Socius 1erCyc.+Anim. Verona Italia
04/04/1991 Supérieur Castelfranco Italia
01/08/1993 Nommé Conseil Provincial Italia
06/06/1995 Econome Castelfranco Italia
01/09/1996 Supérieur Castefranco Italia
20/09/1997 Curé Trebaseleghe Italia
13/10/2014 Résidence Castelfranco Italia
12/12/2017 Retour au Père Castelfranco Italia



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